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She wants peace but her magic will cause a war.

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I really like this picture! The contrast between the witches is epic, and the "accesories" around them are very cool as well. I would recommend adding more age differences, or maybe just how they look in general. Besides that, I really love this and you should keep up all the awesome work! Disneylyric Student General Artist. LatinaNina Student General Artist. This is awesome. You are missing fire but otherwise good job.

Estruda Hobbyist Photographer. Amazing, i didn't get what the birds were meant for but now i do!

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Madi xxx. Well try this link, the other one didn't work Lol! I just adore this picture, may I use it on my website.. Lovely work. Very nice picture. CelestialGeyser General Artist.

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This is fantastic. Claire is such an amazingly powerful character. This series consists of all companion novels, so we see Claire in the next book as well. Jun 18, Adrienne rated it really liked it. I've just finished this and have to say how great it was. The story follows on from book 2, and is Claire and Adams story. Claire finds herself pushed from the demon realm carrying a "burden" that she doesn't really want or need Their relationship is plagued by a pair of rogue demons who followed her from the demon realm, and who are intent on obtaining the "burden" she carries.

We learn more about the dem I've just finished this and have to say how great it was. We learn more about the demon realm in this book and altho Claire has lived there for most of her life she makes the transition to living in this realm very well she is one strong lady. Adam is Alpha Male, exciting and adventurous and compliments Claire wonderfully. More Demon Ass kicking.. View all 3 comments. Apr 01, Ruby rated it did not like it Shelves: witches , paranormal-romance. Boy, it's just not my week. It's too bad, really. Enough to turn a girl off Paranormal Romance for a while. I knew going into this book that I wasn't reading the first book in the series.

I was prepared for missing puzzle pieces and not being able to connect to certain characters in the novel. Unfortunately, that wasn't Witch Heart's biggest weakness. I think my main struggle with this book was that it suffered from the thing that turns most people away from Romance novels: the hero and the heroine go from zero to sixty in as many pages. I hate that. I like the instant attraction storyline--but I don't like it when the main characters hurry into bed together as though the author is chasing them there with a chainsaw. Sexual tension is at its most delicious when there's time for said tension to build.

Bast doesn't give us that with Jack and Claire and that's the major flaw in this book. Let me tell you a little about the plot. In Bast's world, there are witches, warlocks and demons. There's also a demon world. Occasionally, the two worlds intermix, and not with good results. Demons and warlocks are the bad guys. Witches are the good guys--and in Bast's universe, even males are called witches.

I admit that tripped me up every time I ran across it. The hero of Witch Heat is Jack. Jack works as the bodyguard I think of Thomas, the leader of his coven. In what I assume was a previous book, Thomas was sent into the demon world, where he met our heroine, Claire. Claire's mother dragged her into the demon world when she was five.

After Claire's mother died, Claire was never able to return to Earth--so she has lived the last 25 years of her life as handmaiden to the demon Rue.

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Claire met Thomas and developed a crush on him in the last book again, I'm assuming and helped Thomas escape back to Earth. Then, Rue who had been tampering with her magick for years , forced something called an elium into Claire and shoved her through a portal that left her stranded on Earth.

The witches of Bast's world have powers that are linked to the elements: air, water, fire and earth. Claire is an earth witch, but because of Rue's tampering, she has access to the powers of the other elements.

The elium inside of her is also a dangerous source of power. If extracted from Claire's "seat" of power, the elium could be used as a weapon.


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This makes Claire the target of some power-hungry demons. The main thrust of the plot is twofold: hiding from the demons trying to find Claire and figuring out how to extract the elium from her. On Earth, Claire seeks the help of the Coven. Thomas, who is now married, brings Jack to rescue Claire. When the two meet, Claire still hasn't gotten over her infatuation with Thomas--but don't worry.

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A few more pages will take care of that little detail. It'll be forgotten like it was never there. Claire is supposed to be the outsider in the story. She's lived on another plane for most of her life. Her understanding of modern slang and pop culture comes and goes. She's also lived in an emotional vacuum. She lived among demons who did not much care for her and the only demon she thought did Rue forced the elium on her and shoved her, alone, through a portal to Earth.

Furthermore, Claire's one and only romantic relationship ended in tragedy. So she begins the novel as a cold, closed off character.

It's the hero's job to "warm" Claire up. Jack is a playboy, or he has been since the death of his wife. Though he's slept around a lot since her death, Jack likes to keep it casual. Which is why his attraction to Claire goes unacted upon for about sixty pages. I personally never bought Jack's grief over his wife's death. He seemed like he felt more guilt than grief. She certainly never gets any personality. Jack professes to miss being married, but we never learn a single personal detail of their life together.

Does he miss the way she took all the closet space? The fact that she never rinsed the sink after brushing her teeth?