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Tulsa Women's Basketball Individual Workout Drills

Videos from app with ballhandling drills. If you are training with a partner or by yourself, here are some great ways to organize your shooting drills to maximize efficiency and to make the drills as game-like as possible.


That way, you actually shoot better during games instead of just during practice! You also learn a great way to practice game-like reactions that are random without a defender.

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Just like a game, the repetition changes each time on whether to shoot, attack, or pass. Many players make the mistake of practicing all of their partner shooting drills with one rebounder under the basket who continuously rebounds and throws the pass back out. There is certainly a time and place for this. How many times during the game do you receive passes from many different locations on the floor? Probably a lot.

Basketball Training Drills For Players - Individual & Partner

Instead of having the passer under the basket, you position the passer to different locations on the floor where you typically receive passes during the game. That way, you are practicing shooting from areas that you actually receive passes. One simple way is to use spin outs.

You would spin the ball out away with backspin. Then you would cut to the ball, turn and face the basket, and shoot.

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  7. You can also place the ball on a chair prior to each shot to practice cuts where spin outs are too difficult to use and still execute the cut. L-Cuts, fades, and curl cuts would be good examples of this. Chairs can also be good to use if you have somebody to help who is not a very good passer.



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    Tulsa Women’s Basketball Individual Drills

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