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Multiple ancient Mediterranean, Jewish, and Christian texts represent the ramifications of consuming otherworldly food, ramifications that were understood across religious boundaries.


Reading ancient texts through the lens of hierophagy helps scholars and students interpret difficult passages in Joseph and Aseneth, 4 Ezra, Revelation 10, and the Persephone myths, among others. Praise for Food and Transformation in Ancient Mediterranean Literature This groundbreaking analysis of hierophagy in ancient literature explores the distinct literary function of eating otherworldly food, while also putting these transformative acts in their social and cultural contexts.

The author moves deftly from the texts of Ovid and Apuleius to apocalyptic Jewish literature and tales of Christian martyrdom, breaking down traditional barriers in the study of ancient literature.

Mediterranean Perspectives in School History Teaching – Interview with Romain Faure

This volume will be essential reading for scholars of antiquity and adds much to our understanding of the representation of consumption and taste in the ancient Mediterranean. Rudolph Lecturer in Classics and Philosophy University of Kent In this brilliant, ground-breaking, and theoretically informed work, Meredith Warren opens up a new area of scholarship.

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