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Born in Akron, Ohio, US, Coe lived a troubled youth, spending much of his time in and out of various youth correctional facilities.

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Despite this success, he had not managed to forge a path with his own career as a solo artist, remaining an underground talent, unable to break into the mainstream charts. As a talented songwriter and charismatic performer, Coe has garnered legendary status in the world of country music, alongside his wild tales and behaviour.

Spanning 5 Decades, the David Allan Coe discography includes nearly 50 studio albums, live albums, and audiobooks. Welcome to the David Allan Coe Nation!

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The Original Outlaw. The Legend.

These early recordings were of ballads and country dance tunes and featured the fiddle and guitar as lead instruments over a rhythmic foundation of guitar or banjo. Other instruments occasionally used included Appalachian dulcimer, harmonica , and mandolin; vocals were done either by a single voice or in high close harmony.

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With the migration of many Southern rural whites to industrial cities during the Great Depression and World War II , country music was carried into new areas and exposed to new influences, such as blues and gospel music. The nostalgic bias of country music, with its lyrics about grinding poverty, orphaned children, bereft lovers, and lonely workers far from home, held special appeal during a time of wide-scale population shifts.

A second and more substantive variant of country music arose in the s in the Texas-Oklahoma region, where the music of rural whites was exposed to the swing jazz of black orchestras.

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In response, a Western swing style evolved in the hands of Bob Wills and others and came to feature steel and amplified guitars and a strong dance rhythm. An even more important variant was honky-tonk , a country style that emerged in the s with such figures as Ernest Tubb and Hank Williams. Mandolin-player Bill Monroe and his string band , the Blue Grass Boys , discarded more recently adopted rhythms and instruments and brought back the lead fiddle and high harmony singing.

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His banjoist, Earl Scruggs , developed a brilliant three-finger picking style that brought the instrument into a lead position. But commercialization proved a much stronger influence as country music became popular in all sections of the United States after World War II. In Roy Acuff , one of the most important country singers, co-organized in Nashville the first publishing house for country music. Popular singers often recorded songs in a Nashville style, while many country music recordings employed lush orchestral backgrounds.

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Released in , this chart-topper is still a staple at weddings today. Rogers took this song all the way to the top of the Adult Contemporary chart 30 years ago, making it an instant classic.

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Like McEntire, he sings of how relationship roller coasters only make a couple stronger. Restless Heart promise to love "until the sun doesn't shine" and "until the last moon is rising. Love Lines: "Could I have this dance for the rest of my life?

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Lace up those dancing shoes and never take them off. From the Urban Cowboy movie soundtrack, this song tells the sweet story of finding that one person to fill your dance card 'til the end of time. This song is an honest glimpse into Jackson's life with wife Denise. Covering their dating years through their life raising three daughters, and even their temporary separation, "Remember When" carries the couple into the future with a promise to cherish all memories, both good and bad.

Raye's first No.