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We have become quite good at this in Aarhus. The results attract huge international international attention By combining thousands of images where the protein is observed in all possible random directions, one can put together a 3D image that allows to build a model of the protein molecule, atom by atom, thousands of atoms. The model contributes to the basic understanding of how lipid flippases work and can therefore explain some of the diseases that arise from mutations in this family of proteins.

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This means that small changes have occurred in the 3D structure, and the researchers can now describe the effect of these changes. This is the first time a completely new membrane protein structure is determined by cryo-electron microscopy in Denmark, and the results attract huge international attention. The work on the large datasets has been made possible by a great effort also to develop research infrastructure in the area, which after several years of work is now in place in Aarhus. Professor Poul Nissen is very pleased with this development: "With this research infrastructure and strongly growing expertise in cryo-electron microscopy, we are at the forefront of the world competition for new knowledge and opportunities to understand cell biology, drugs and biotechnology at the molecular level.

This enables us to maintain and develop Denmark's competitive position in structural biology. We are soon expanding the microscopy facilities with support from the infrastructure program from the Ministry of Research and Innovation and can thus open up access for research groups at all Danish universities, industry and start-up companies. This is essential for our ability to discover new mechanisms in the interaction of physics, chemistry, biology and medicine and to develop new and innovative technologies.

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Volume 5. Phagocytosis: The Host

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The Structure of Biological Membranes - CRC Press Book

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Molecular Biology of Membranes

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