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He uses the conspiracy genre to create a morally compelling adventure about a young person engaged in a desperate fight for his identity, his country and his good name. After hearing orders for his death, Charlie escapes from his captors using his martial arts training. But this is just the first challenge in a series of adventures that pits his survival skills against man and nature. Charlie slips through a series of underground caves and flags down a passing minivan only to find himself in police custody.

Later, after eluding the police, he utilizes a homeless shelter where he once volunteered. He follows not just the clues that might reveal what has happened to him, but also unravels an assassination plot targeting a government official. It is common for conspiracy novels to target the government as the source of paranoid fantasies. His country and his reputation are important to him, even when these things cannot come to his aid.

The Last Thing I Remember (Homelanders, Book 1)

Other characters might unravel beneath the pressure of the situation, or find their change in circumstance requiring a change in beliefs or behavior. But Charlie discovers that his faith and his code of behavior help him rise to the occasion. He escapes from the compound where he is being held and tries to find his family and his life. But things turn out to be not as easy as he had hoped. He decides the best means to getting back to his life is to prevent a terrorist attack. But that leads him to more things he does not understand, about himself and others around him.

This is hard book to talk about because it is hard to describe the plot without giving it all away. I enjoyed the book and it read quickly. I finished it in a day. The ending was a cliff hanger and the first book moves directly into the second.

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I will probably read it very soon. Links to reviews of the rest of the series below. The publisher is Thomas Nelson, which is a Christian publishing company, but other than a few sections this does not have a strong Christian element to it. It has clean language, no sex, but some violence. I would gauge it appropriate for teens 14 and up. It deals with terrorists and political matters.

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