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In TextMate 2, the Favorites feature works better for me. To set up a favorite, use the file browser in TextMate 2 to navigate to the folder above your projects.

I just love this. Note that in the current alphas of TextMate 2, you need to restart the application for the favorites to be updated. Since I spend most of my day in the shell, I use the mate command a lot to open and edit files in TextMate 2. To install the mate command, open Preferences… , click on the Terminal tab and click install. I also ssh to a lot of virtual servers to edit and maintain them. To set up rmate on the server, ssh into the server and use sudo if necessary.

You also need to create a reverse tunnel when you ssh for rmate to work.


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You can now ssh to that server and use rmate to edit in TextMate 2. For example:. As a Mac user, I already have the Mac editing keys in my muscle memory. Here are some additional keys that I use all the time in TextMate 2 to maximize my productivity:. I do not like the default where the results are displayed at the bottom of the editor window, so I change it to New window in the Preferences , Projects tab.

I use this a lot to duplicate code patterns and then change the parameters. And then use the below keys to navigate quickly around the duplicates to change the labels and indices. In TextMate 1 this was a real column mode where everything had to be squared up, but in TextMate 2, it really means having multiple carets. Multiple carets are awesome, you can make the same changes all over the document with a few keystrokes. Once you get used to having and using multiple carets, you really feel the power of TextMate 2.

Its a lot easier than typing out all the fields, especially for large tables.

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As with all editors, TextMate has full search and replace functionality. For me, I use the in-file search and replace a lot, as well as the find in project features, so much so that I have memorized those keystrokes as well. This is great for finding where a function is used in a file. I also use this to make fast replacements. Then replace the selection with the new text. Very sweet. Just type to change the start and end tag. Jeff Webb.

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