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While the militants say they are fighting to help local people benefit more from the region's oil wealth, many criminal gangs operate in the area, stealing oil.

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Shots fired at huge Iran protest Shots have been fired during a massive rally in Iran against last week's presidential election results, with reports saying one person was killed. Mr Mousavi has lodged a legal appeal against the result but says he is not optimistic it will succeed. He says the vote was fixed - a claim President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denies. See map of Tehran protests The BBC's Jon Leyne, in Tehran, says Monday's rally was the biggest demonstration in the Islamic republic's year history and described it as a "political earthquake".

A huge crowd, hundreds of thousands of people maybe even millions of people there in defiance of open threats from the government that they should not assemble.

The security forces were staying well away - we were even able to film and usually the secret police come in straight away and stop you. Despite this, correspondents said riot police had been watching the rally during the afternoon and had seemed to be taking no action.

The first indications of trouble came at about local time GMT , when the protesters were beginning to disperse from Tehran's Azadi Freedom Square shots. A man is said to have been arrested over the shooting. At work today, they He said the shooting began when the weren't letting people crowd attacked a compound used by a leave the office to religious militia linked to the country's attend Mousavi's powerful Revolutionary Guard.

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The AFP news agency reported that police Bypassing Iran's firewalls fired tear gas and groups of protesters Editors' blog: Stop the set motorbikes alight. Ayatollah's intervention Earlier, the demonstrators had gathered in Tehran's Enghelab Revolution Square, chanting pro-Mousavi slogans, before marching to Azadi Square. We will die, but retrieve our votes," they shouted, many wearing the green of Mousavi's election campaign Fire on the streets of Tehran as mass protests continue And Mr Mousavi eventually appeared, addressing the crowd from the roof of his car.

His wife, Zahra Rahnavard, a high-profile supporter of her husband's campaign, later said they would keep up their protests. The renewed protests come after Mr Mousavi and fellow defeated candidate Mohsen Rezai filed official complaints against the election result with the Guardian Council - the country's powerful clerical group. Its head said the decision would be taken soon.

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Will Iran's current protests peter out - or threaten the Islamic republic? Election aftermath Practical s Identify various Types of Audience on the web.

At least five additional blood transfusion centres are to be built across Nigeria, for the end of , to complement the twelve centres existing across the six geo-political zones in the country. The Minister emphasized that one of the strategies for ensuring the safety, quality and availability of adequate blood supplies is by the collection of blood from voluntary non- remunerated donors only. Adding that, the call for blood donation becomes very important as millions of lives are saved each year through blood transfusion. E ide e fro arou d the orld de o strates that patients who receive blood from voluntary non-remunerated donors who give blood regularly, are at the lowest risk of acquiring blood-borne infections through transfusion, because these donors are motivated by altruism and have no reason to conceal any reasons why their blood may e u safe said the i ister.

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The National Blood Transfusion Service, he announced is committed also said to ensuring that the states will pick up the challenges and ensure that modalities are put in place to make safe blood accessible to all communities within their catchment areas. As the de a d for lood keeps i reasi g, a d Nigeria stri es to ake lood readily available, I call on you all special people gathered here today to enlist as voluntary blood donors in support for community participation.

Regular donation of blood-three times per year for women, and four for men- will help us maintain a stable pool-three times per year for women, and four for men-will help us maintain a stable pool of safe blood units, and expand our blood component programme to achieve self-suffi ie y Stressed the Minister. Every year since , the 14th of June has been set aside by the World Health Assembly to recognize and thank those who donate blood for altruistic reasons.

McGraw Hill Publishers www. During this process we must remove, add, substitute and rewrite. But for Online Stories, Jane Stevens put this in perspective. She describes editing online stories as making decisions about exactly what information is going into the text , video, audio, still photos, and graphics. Any one that carries out the acts is call an Editor in traditional Journalism. Jim Hall described the online editor as Content Providers. Tom Cekay 1. You must be computer and Web Literate 2.

Know the New Media Theory 3. Bea bale to work under constant deadline and pressure 4. Be able to work in Teams and communicate clearly 5. Be Flexible 7. Ability to check thoroughly 8. Clarity of arguments 9.

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Put the structure of a story in its context, or tone Note what are syntax, identify grammatical errors, spellings, and punctuation marks Note consistency of terminology and case letters namely sentence, lower or upper, Title and Toggle case Write Caption and Sandpits sentence s Identify angle of a Story Fitting copy and images to the page appropriately.

Editing Text The first port of call is the Headlines or captions. Reduce the words to at least 6 words or 8 for clarity, let be Catchy, dramatic, enticing and lure the readers to log on and read the full story. When you are happy with this above work, proceed to edit the paragraphs for omissions, errors of facts, grammar and logic presentation and arrangement of ideas in the story. The main multimedia tool of editing is the mastery of Microsoft Words and better understanding of computer features. Here time is of essence. The video is more like the content of a still photo in a newspaper.

The tools to achieve this feat are of two types- the hardware and software. The hardware includes camcorder, professional digital cameras and a computer.

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Editing Audio As time was of essence in editing video, quality of inserts, sound bites, or audio is extremely important in editing audio files. Appropriate audio format must be used to ensure high and good quality sound bites. Audio editing tools- Hardware are Marantz, digital audio recorder, with a USB Cord to transfer the sounds into the computer.

Still pictures or photos tell the story as it is. Pictures can be used individually, to set a mood or introduce a story or section of a story. More importantly, it can tell story via a slide show.

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Hardware tools for capturing or taking shots is the digital camera, professional camera and 3G Phones. Graphics can be made interactive or animated through software called Flash.

see url In most cases graphics are used with GIS geographic Information Systems , to select a geographical are such as a neighborhood and get information related to it. Before the advent of new technology, in Print, these tasks are carried out manually- write the story, using biros to mutilate the script, find or assign photos to the story re-write the entire story to conform to the house style. With the evolution of digital equipment in the newsroom, instruments that accept data and produces output in the form of characters or digits have been procured.

These are the Computers, Desktops, Laptops, Notebooks, among others. Tools of Digital Editing These tools vary from one media organisation to the other. One instrument that is central to this process is the computer, either desktop or laptop. Newspapers Correspondents must therefore be equipped with the above tools. For Digital editing audio files, the following software are needed Cool edit , Cool edit Pro. Software needed are Pinnacle and DVD among others. We spice this up with some edited Online Stories Assignment Identify any editing hardware and Software in your environment.

What are the qualities an Online Editor Possess. Write an Online Story and edit the text, visual, audio and pictures. Bedford 1st Martins Boston, New York. Dunlap The Effective Editor. What do I understand by a website, what are the tools needed for designing or creating a Website, Why do we need a Website?

For Who i. What is a Website? A website is a collection of webpages collection of pages on the internet hosted under a common domain name. Usually, all the pages of a website are stored on the same physical server, have the same basic layout and interface, and are interlinked via hyperlinks. Example of a domain or name on the internet is google. Other names end up with. Others definite a website, as any collection of documents on the World Wide Web that are available under a common address and reference each other are considered to be a single website. The original first webpage is still hosted at CERN for historical reasons, albeit at an archived address and not at its original address.