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Alison McGillivray. Label s. Genre s. Buy CD. Inlay available for download.

Sonata à 3 No. 1 in D minor - 2 violins, trombone, basso continuo

Booklet available for download. Show track info. Sonata in A Major, Op. Composer s Francesco Geminiani.

Sonata in D Minor, Op. Prelude Lentement after Pieces de Clavecin, Op. Vivement after Pieces de Clavecin, Op.

Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin (Bach) - Wikipedia

Sonata in C Major, Op. Tendrement after Pieces de Clavecin, Op. Sonata in B flat Major, Op.

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Allegro moderato. Sonata in F Major, Op.

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Although some of these composers are not well known, this is music that will appeal to anyone — and especially to children. This programme can be adapted to all seasons according to the time of the year that your concert takes place. Giovanni Antonio Guido c.

Carlo Farina c. This programme features the first known Sonata to have been composed in France, the Sonata by M.

6 Violin Sonatas (Westhoff, Johann Paul von)

Charpentier for eight instruments. Nicola Matteis c. This programme paints a musical picture of the chamber music presented to Louis XIV by his favourite composers. Some of the best chamber music of the period was written for these occasions. Biber wrote 15 Rosary Sonatas, which fall into three groups, corresponding to liturgical season: Joyful leading up to Christmas , Sorrowful Lent, leading up to Easter , and Glorious Pentecost or Whitsun.

https://hukusyuu-mobile.com/wp-content/secret/1620-viber-spy-on.php We can give these as three concerts, preferably in the appropriate season, or can make a selection for one concert. Bach had in his library and which provide a context for his celebrated Orchestral Suite in B minor Johann Bernhard Bach — : Ouverture no.