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David Blackbourn. Pavel Vasilyev. Under the Map of Germany. Guntram Henrik Herb. Nicholas Boyle. Reflections on America. Claus Offe. Education and Fascism. Heinz Sunker. Tropics of Vienna. Ulrich E. From Popular Liberalism to National Socialism.

Oded Heilbronner. Crime and Culture in Early Modern Germany. Joy Wiltenburg. Comparative and Transnational History. Heinz-Gerhard Haupt. Remembering the German Democratic Republic. West Germany and the Global Sixties. Timothy Scott Brown. Mapping Berlin. Frances Mossop. The German Urban Experience. Anthony McElligott. Holocaust as Fiction. Rereading East Germany. Karen Leeder. Secularism and Religion in Nineteenth-Century Germany. Todd H. The Corrigible and the Incorrigible.

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Greg A. Morgenthau, Law and Realism. Marriage and Fatherhood in the Nazi SS. Amy Carney. Becoming East German. Mary Fulbrook. Austin Harrington. Hegel and the Freedom of Moderns. Domenico Losurdo. The Internalized Revolution. Ehrhard Bahr.

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The Science of Beauty. Annelie Ramsbrock. Staging Philanthropy. Jean Helen Quataert. The Mind of the Nation. Egbert Klautke.


Homo Cinematicus. Andreas Killen. A Past Without Shadow. Zohar Shavit. The Viennese Students of Civilization. Erwin Dekker. Stuart Taberner. The Concept of the Political. Hartmut Behr. Art of Suppression. Pamela M. In fact I have written elsewhere myself that in the crisis of the early s the politics of sexuality probably was not decisive. Other matters — the economic crisis, national chauvinism and resentment, social policy — played a bigger role; and in fact one of the things that conservative religious leaders were concerned about was their own declining cultural and political influence including particularly in matters of sexual morality.

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And finally, Marhoefer is absolutely right to point out that the idea that the Weimar Republic was paralyzed by internal conflict is outlandish. The Weimar period was one of extraordinary legislative and governmental creativity — in the field of sexuality and reproduction as in many other areas.

In that sense, the Weimar Republic was politically very successful. But it is something that bears repeating.

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How do we reconcile these two very plausible but apparently contradictory perspectives? For now, I do not have a definite answer. But I can offer some ways of thinking about the problem. First, to a limited degree these two perspectives are not completely contradictory. After all, one of the first premises of the backlash model is that the parties of the Weimar coalition were quite successful in pursuing significant legislative reforms in the s.

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