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Once you have become aware of the need for change and your timing was on-point, your ability to sell change now requires you to showcase your competencies and capabilities to most effectively generate the outcomes you are projecting.

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Your competency and know-how will be evaluated as if you were selling a new venture to a group of investors. Having the required tenacity, endurance and passion to sell change all the way through to the end is never easy and could be the ultimate breaking point to your successful change management and change leadership efforts.

Normalize the Future State

Desire is not just being willing and able to tackle any tension points through the journey of selling change — but more so an ability to accept the fact that you must continue to touch the process of selling the new opportunity as much as you lead it. Selling change is difficult and it takes a special level of desire in order to translate something that may be difficult for others to see into something that is concrete enough for people to believe in and begin to hold onto.

To withstand the obstacles and resistance by those affected by the change you are selling demands mental toughness.

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  • Mental toughness is imperative when selling change because you are almost always dealing with some form of crisis along the way. This is exactly what you experience when you sell change.

    How To Sell Change

    Being held accountable for managing change and making things better in your work is the new normal. Being responsible to generate results is one thing; knowing how to make the results more sustainable, profitable and multifaceted is another.

    This is the opportunity that everyone must learn to embrace! They view change as something that will impair them rather than enable unseen opportunities. What most people fail to realize is that change is one of the most powerful professional development tools available to them. Selling change impacts the entire organization, its people, brands, the entire supply chain, processes and procedures.

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    If your organization is undergoing any type of change management or business transformation process — embrace it. Learn from the journey.

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    • Take copious notes and write your own blog on the experience. Change makes you stronger and any adversity that goes with it makes you wiser. She anticipated the unexpected and took action to address the changing needs of women who were demanding to sample cosmetic products before buying them.

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      We request time with buyers to talk about our product and what we think it can do for buyers. We fill sales decks with useless company information about our number of years on the Inc 5, list or the year we were founded, how many employees we have and other self-absorbed, company-centric information.

      In spite of best efforts, too many sales organizations are still product-centric, turning out product-centric salespeople. Problem-centric selling understands that if there is no problem, there is no sale. Problem-centric selling starts with questioning if they the seller can even help the buyer.


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      This problem will only get worse as cities, trying to be 'smart,' collect more information about what we do and where we go," he added. When asked whether it informs drivers that their data may be sold, a spokesperson from the Wisconsin DMV wrote in an email "Wisconsin DMV directly informs customers that their information may be sold.

      It's problematic that vast amounts of data on individuals are being shared in this way, which could be misused in malicious ways against vehicle owners.