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Zombie … reminds us that this tomb is also a cradle from which the renewed subject can be reborn.

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It would be worthwhile to reassess these readings in light of the most recent developments. How do we read the queer zombie when the fear of viral transmission is mitigated by access to prescription drugs?

Elements of Antisocial Theory

It is, after all, a text participating in the institutional economy of academic publishing, questioning and reformulating concepts that will be comprehensible primarily only to those with academic training. By rejecting the assumption that queer theory has achieved its aims and by refusing to fully embed queerness in negativity, Bernini shows that these inquiries remain significant and resist the slide into political apathy that can so easily accompany antisociality.

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Queer Apocalypses: Elements of Antisocial Theory. Springer, , xv.

Duke UP, Aaron Neber — November 21, Department o Publishing With Us. Book Authors Journal Authors. Free Preview. Establishes a context of events and movements through which to understand the political implications of the antisocial thesis in queer theory Provides a critical account of the rise of queer theory in the US and situates it in relation to European traditions of political thought Offers insightful readings of cultural and theoretical works by Guy Hocquenghem, Leo Bersani, Lee Edelman, Bruce La Bruce, Mario Mieli, Tim Dean, Immanuel Kant, and Thomas Hobbes see more benefits.

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