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Mass Spectrometry MS for polymers has become an indispensable tool for their analysis and has been widely used to study polymer structure, polymer composition, molecular weight and molecular weight distribution, bulk and surface properties, impurity contents, and so on. Download brochure.

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MS is also very sensitive, allowing the detection and identification of minor polymer components or impurities in a composed polymeric material and any by-product of polymerization reaction of a desired polymer or additives. Rapid MS analysis can be done for many polymer samples where no prior sample treatment or extensive separation is needed. MS can potentially provide semi quantitative information required for determination of the number average molecular weight and the weight average molecular weight of an oligomeric distribution of a polymer sample or a characterization of relative amounts of different components of a blend.

Some forms of MS can also be used to characterize polymer surfaces. ESI can be particularly useful for analyzing high mass molecules that are easy to form multiply charged gas phase ions and provide structural information for low molecular weight oligomers.

MALDI MS can also provide structural information and copolymer composition information, if the instrumental resolution is sufficient to resolve oligomers at the molecular weight range of interest. Login Contact. Webinars Training Courses. Investors Career Offices Community Register. Polymer analysis using NMR.

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