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  • random and structured packings.
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Design of Packed Columns

More options. Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index. Contents Random dumped packings-- structured packings-- gas absorption-- liquid stripping-- pollution control-- heat transfer-- atmospheric distillation-- vacuum distillation-- pressure distillation-- column internals-- liquid-liquid extraction.

Appendix: metric conversion table.

Increasingly, concerns have turned from capacity to energy efficiency and the environmental impact of processing operations. This new edition has been retitled and updated throughout to reflect these changes and the expanded uses for structured packages. It provides basic information on the operation mechanism of packed columns, as well as practical methods for designing such columns, proven methods that have been used over the last decade to design columns as large as 46 feet in diameter and for separations requiring as many as theoretical stages.

Packed Towers – PT74

The procedures presented are based on the author's practical experience acquired over 40 years, and have in many cases been developed as a result of real-life modifications. The numerous and varied major applications of packed columns are reviewed, so that their advantages as compared to other mass transfer devices can be determined. Particular characteristics of a system that need to be considered to ensure successful column operation are discussed.

Subject Packed towers.

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Related Work Strigle, Ralph F. It should be very open in design to minimize pressure drop while still maintaining a high surface where the absorption of the gas will occur. Spiral-Pac type tower packing will accomplish this. For other purposes, alternate packing may be selected.


Chemical Design & Optimization | Achieve Good Packed Tower Efficiency | Chemical Processing

The type of packing most suitable for any application will vary with temperature, pressure, gas concentration, and efficiency requirements. Careful consideration is given to the various alternatives before selecting the packing for each application. Any material that can be fabricated can be made into a packed tower. For reasons of economy, tower shells are often made from FRP fiberglass reinforced plastic, stainless steel, Alloy 20, or any other material indicated for the specific application.

Tower internal components can be made from polypropylene or other plastics for low initial cost, or any other materials including metals depending upon the process requirements. Occasionally, space limitations or design limits require the use of cross flow or co-current flow. Units for such applications have been designed and custom units will be designed for your needs.