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Studia Mathematica , no. Cahen, Contractions of Lie algebras with 2-dimensional generic coadjoint orbits. Gale, Linear connections for reproducing kernels on vector bundles.

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Journal of Geometry and Physics 60 , no. Beltita, A survey on Weyl calculus for representations of nilpotent Lie groups. Ali, A.

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Beltita, Complex homogeneous spaces of pseudo-restricted groups. In many cases, impor- tant for physics and mechanics, as well as for geometry and analysis, this rather elementary approach allows one to obtain sharp results. Author: E. The fates of important mathematical ideas are varied. Sometimes they are instantly appreciated by the specialists and constitute the foundation of the development of theories or methods. It also happens, however, that even ideas uttered by distinguished mathematicians are surrounded with respectful indifference for a long time, and every effort of inter- preters and successors has to be made in order to gain for them the merit deserved.

It is the second case that is encountered in the present book, the author of which, the Leningrad mathematician E. Polishchuk, reconstructs and develops one of the dir. Paul Levy, Member of the French Academy of Sciences, whose centenary of his birthday was celebrated in , was one of the most original mathe- matiCians of the second half of the 20th century. He could not complain about a lack of attention to his ideas and results. Together with A.

Operator theory, advances and applications; vol. 19 on Operator theory and systems

Kolmogorov, A. Khinchin and William Feller, he is indeed one of the acknowledged founders of the theory of random processes. In the proba- bility theory and, to a lesser degree, in functional analysis his work is well-known for its conceptualization and scope of the problems posed. Dym, P. Lancaster, S.

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Goldberg, M. I should like to begin by spending a few minutes talking shop. One of the great tragedies of being a mathematician is that your papers are read so seldom. On the average ten people will read the introduction to a paper and perhaps two of these will actually study the paper. It's difficult to know how to deal with this problem. One strategy which will at least get you one more reader, is to collaborate with someone. I think Israel early on caught on to this, and I imagine that by this time most of the analysts in the world have collaborated with him. He continues relentlessly in this pursuit; he visits his neighbour Harry Dym at the Weizmann Institute regularly, he spends several months a year in Amsterdam working with Rien Kaashoek, several weeks in Maryland with Seymour Goldberg, a couple of weeks here in Calgary with Peter Lancaster, and on the rare occasions when he is in Tel Aviv, he takes care of his many students.

Discrete-time systems arise as a matter of course in modelling biological or economic processes. For systems and control theory they are of major importance, particularly in connection with digital control applications. If sampling is performed in order to control periodic processes, almost periodic systems are obtained. This is a strong motivation to investigate the discrete-time systems with time-varying coefficients.