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Information on bordism and cobordism of manifolds equipped with additional structure on the tangent bundle. The Pontriagin-Thom construction.

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Homotopic interpretation of bordism and cobordism. Thom spectrum info 5. Axioms of the generalised multiplicative cohomology theory. Leray-Hirsch theorem. Bundle orientation. Characteristic classes.

Notes on cobordism theory

Canonical orientation of bundles in cohomology theory. Formal group of the cohomology theory. Algebraic theory of formal groups.

Universal formal group. The Stiefel-Whitney characteristic classes in cobordism.

Topological Quantum Field Theory and the Cobordism Hypothesis -- Part 1

The Steenrod squares in cobordism. Algebra of cohomology operations in cobordism. Computation of the ring of bordism of unoriented manifolds as a universal formal group over the field of two elements. The Stiefel-Whitney characteristic numbers as invariants of unoriented bordism of manifolds.

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Knows definitions of bordism and cobordism groups — both geometric and homotopical and can prove its equivalence. Understands the notion of the canonical orientation of bundles in cohomology theory and the notion of the formal group. Is familiar with basic algebraic theory of formal groups and can prove that unoriented bordism gives rise to universal formal group over the field of two elements.

Knows characteristic numbers and can prove that Stiefel Whitney characteristic numbers are invariants of unoriented cobordism. Adams Quillen's work on formal groups and complex cobordism. Broecker, T.

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Bojanowska, S. Jackowski Geometric bordism and cobordism. Bredon Topology and Geometry. If you own the copyright to this book and it is wrongfully on our website, we offer a simple DMCA procedure to remove your content from our site. Start by pressing the button below!

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