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Attach quick review meetings to project milestones to support continuous learning. Periodic reviews are known to have a positive impact on team motivation, since they'll directly benefit from the lessons learned instead of altruistically passing on tips to other teams.

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This also means you'll get better quality insights, as people aren't trying to remember what happened weeks or months ago. Plus, it's easy to gather everyone while the project is still active. This is especially true with contract workers or consultants, who typically scatter once a project ends. Go deeper: what problems did you encounter and how did you solve them?

What cause-effect relationships did you notice? What insights did you pick up into how work processes could be improved? Which strategies and procedures contributed to success? Knowing what worked well is just as helpful as knowing what didn't!

Answer these questions:. If you're stumped on where to start, discuss these aspects of the project with your team to get the conversation going and make sure you hit all the important points:. Your whole team should agree on the lessons learned, and everyone should contribute. The people personally involved in the work are the ones with the insights you need!

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They shouldn't be so specific that they don't pertain to new projects, or so generic that they confuse people. Create a preliminary plan: what would improvements look like, and who would be responsible for making them happen? Wouldn't it be a shame to go through the process of reflecting and recording lessons learned only to have your insights lost or forgotten? An effective lessons learned and knowledge management system therefore required an integrated project and portfolio management system that simply has not existed to date.

This seemed to our team here at Keepsite to be an important problem and a problem worth focusing on and solving. Keepsite set out to solve this problem and we landed on a few principles that we believe are essential if people and organisations are to learn and deliver ever-better projects over time.

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These principles are;. The fundamentals are already in place and project teams are for the first time able to capture valuable project-derived lessons and have them institutionalized as organisational knowledge. With every single lesson a project team and organisation learns, your knowledge management system will get smarter and strategies and initiatives aimed at improving the most impactful issues can be identified and targeted, driving operational performance improvements, increasing organisational stability and profitability, and, of course, helping to ensure the happiest clients.

Organisations that learn the most, fastest, will establish a sustainable competitive advantage and set themselves apart in a marketplace where it has long been difficult to compete on the basis of quality and performance. Partnering with Keepsite will help you realise that competitive advantage sooner. Keepsite helps you be consistent with ISO risk management guidelines. Disruption in the construction industry will be swift and unforgiving.

It will see the best project management firms grow and exploit new revenue streams and the worst go out of business. Project-business Project management lessons learned Posted on. The learning challenge in construction Construction organisations, whether clients, consultants, contractors, or suppliers, have long suffered because of the project-based nature of their work. Lack of learning is a key issue preventing productivity growth This problem is one of the primary reasons why construction industry productivity has lagged behind nearly all other sectors of the economy.

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Solving the learning problem Even where individual project teams have managed to learn from their mistakes, where this was not embedded in an organisational system and institutionalised, it proved of little ultimate benefit. Principles of a useful learning system Keepsite set out to solve this problem and we landed on a few principles that we believe are essential if people and organisations are to learn and deliver ever-better projects over time.

These principles are; Project team members must be able to capture a lesson at the point of making or nearly making a mistake.

As the project manager, it is your role to fight for the viability of your project. Your project goals, timelines, and teams must be carefully monitored and defended. Although you likely will not get your way all the time, you will win the trust of clients and project teams by not passively accepting threats to your project.

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They are essential after all, you need to start somewhere , but it is also essential that you discuss, document, and keep your assumptions in check. Communication uncovers assumptions that you and your project team may not know you had. Lack of communication can leave them buried and can lead to nasty surprises down the road.

There are so many timelines, resources, people, and expectations flying around that they can become all-consuming.

1. Lessons Learned Report:

Always keep the objectives and end-goal of your project in mind. Keep an eye out for the lessons learned that will strengthen your next project. The best project managers I know are continuous learners. They have taught me to develop enough expertise to be effective and conversational in a variety of related fields such as quality assurance or product management.

But they also emphasized that each of us should know our limits and recognize when you need to involve a subject matter expert. As project managers, we plan and then work with stakeholders to implement our plan. But we must always stay mindful of enterprise environmental factors.

The world around us is changing at a dizzying pace.