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For Heschel, God is not hidden; God is hiding. God is waiting to be disclosed, to be admitted into our lives. Our task is to open our souls to God, to let God again enter our deeds. Next year, John Dear will undertake a national book tour for his forthcoming book, Lazarus Come Forth! To host John in your church or school for an evening talk and book-signing, send an email through www.

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Boston's Archdiocese expands effort to digitize archives Sep 24, Francis, the comic strip Sep 24, Remember Catholic teaching on labor in debate about paying college athletes Sep 24, For anxious young adults, religion can be a wellness tool, says new study Sep 24, Quick Reads Commitment to fighting climate change still weak, pope says Sep 23, Wichita diocese names 15 priests accused of child sex abuse Sep 23, Jurors deadlock in trial of priest accused of molestation Sep 17, Papal commission for protection of minors meets again in Rome Sep 16, South African bishops: Government must protect women, girls from murder Sep 13, My last homily in New Mexico May 24, The God of the Bible has a multitude of roles and attributes that often contrast sharply with each other.

In this sense, God is like a person — experiencing a range of emotions, often torn between competing allegiances and values. The God of the Bible communicates with people through prophets and is even open to critique.

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Classical rabbinic literature portrays God in a similar way. However, in rabbinic writings, God no longer communicates with people through prophecy, and God is no longer considered a direct legal authority. One of the most radical Jewish descriptions of God can be found in the heikhalot literature, an early corpus of mystical texts, which actually describes the physical dimensions of God.

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Though most early Jewish thinkers did not shy away from depicting God in human terms, Philo, a first-century philosopher, was an exception. He integrated Greek philosophy with Judaism and conceived of God in a more abstract way. The medieval philosophers departed from the non-systematic theology of biblical and rabbinic literature.

Rabbi Dr. David Gottlieb - Jewish Philosophy: Why Did God Create the World - Part 1

Philosophers like Maimonides worked tirelessly to make their philosophical interests coincide with the truths of the Bible. The medieval mystics—or kabbalists —also developed systematic theologies. They posited that God in Himself—known as the Ein Sof , or Infinite—cannot be discussed or described. Secularization and the values of the modern world have created challenges for traditional conceptions of the Jewish God.

Later, existentialists like Martin Buber focused on the experiential relationship between humans and God. Mordecai Kaplan and Richard Rubenstein took the challenges of scientific naturalism and the Holocaust so seriously that they rejected the traditional Jewish God.

Finally, feminism raised serious questions about the problems of a male God. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and bring you ads that might interest you.