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The principles in this guideline are equally applicable to building contractors, trade contractors and subcontractors as well as construction managers. Note that construction management contracts are not lump sum contracts, but usually involve the letting of separate sub-contract supply and trade contracts. The superintendent is appointed as the contract administrator, to manage the interaction between the contractor and the principal.

It is essential that the contract administration role be undertaken by a person having the necessary expertise and qualification to do so. It is the principal's role to ensure the contractor is notified of the appointed superintendent and if there are any limitations to that appointment. If the role of superintendent has not been included at the time of engaging consultant team members, then the appointment should occur as soon as practicable after the acceptance of the contract and must occur before the contractor is given the authority to start work on site.

Key roles of the superintendent are set out in the contract. The superintendent is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the contract and specific tasks including:. The superintendent is obliged to follow the provisions of the contract agreement and contract documents, must interpret and administer the contract in accordance with the documents and must act with due consideration for their intent. The superintendent must act in a manner consistent with these requirements to ensure that the principal is not exposed to risks or liable for additional payments.

Restrictions to the superintendent's powers normally apply to department funded contracts. The superintendent cannot engage in the following actions without the direction of the principal and approval of the departmental director:. An example template for a letter of nomination of the superintendent is contained at the end of this guideline.

These requirements are to be taken as shared duties and obligations, and cannot be wholly delegated to others. The responsibilities are shared and cannot be wholly delegated. Many construction projects are undertaken whilst buildings are occupied. It is essential that health service delivery standards be maintained for the facility during construction. In addition to careful planning, and appropriate organisational and contractual arrangements, full co-operation between the Principal, Superintendent and Contractor is essential.

Important issues to be considered include:. My Subscriptions Listen. Home Policies and procedures Capital project life-cycle Planning a capital project Gateway business review 1. Project delivery - conventional funding 3.

Gateway review process 4. Gate 1: strategic business case 5. Gate 2: final business case 6. Gate 3: procurement strategy 7. Gate 4: tender decision 8.

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Gate 5: readiness for service 9. Gate 6: benefits evaluation Project profile model PPM Project governance 1. Governance framework 2. Key roles and responsibilities 3.


Steering committee SC 4. Project planning team PPT 5. Project control group PCG 6. Other groups Checklist Roles and responsibilities Monthly reports Objectives Contents of a report Pro formas Related policies index Technical Guidelines Overview Overlays Controls Determine the response to the controls Further information Overview of the permit application process Project proposals Benchmarking Cost benchmarks Hospital capital planning module Hospital capital planning process Planning and functional units Role delineation of Victorian public hospitals Service planning data input Service planning Developing the service plan The services plan report Checklist Pro forma Strategic business case 1.

Executive summary 2. Description of service need 3. Project objectives and critical success factors 4. Alignment with strategic objectives 5. Potential high level solutions 6. Stakeholder identification 7.

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Project risk analysis 8. Project planning 9. Private sector involvement Supporting documents Endorsement Attachments Appendix A Appendix B Pro forma Planning and evaluation Capital investment process 1.

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Gateway review process overview 2. Strategic business case phase overview 3. Preliminary business case phase overview 4. Documentation phase 5. Implementation phase 6. Operation phase 7. Approvals Project initiation Planning briefs Masterplan planning Masterplan study process Checklist Feasibility study Feasibility study process Feasibility study checklist Functional brief Contents of a functional brief Approval process Checklist Cost plans 1.

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Capital works planning 2. Cost plan stages 3. Recurrent costs 4. Bids for funding 5. Post-tender cost analysis 6. Australian institute of quantity surveyors AIQS forms 7. Other information required Checklist Pro formas Cost plan forms Engagement of capital consultants 1. Consultants 2. Scope of services 3. Consultant selection process 4. Consultant fees and other issues 5. Selection criteria 6. Consultant professional indemnity insurance Checklist Pro formas Full business case 1. Contents of full business case 2. Summary of options 3. Critical assumptions or constraints 4. Social and environmental analysis 5.

Economic and financial analysis 6.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Risk analysis and management 7. Procurement strategy 8. Budget analysis and funding strategy 9. Public interest issues Implementation and timing Recommendation Supporting documents Pro forma Risk management 1. It has become even more important now for contract managers to clearly understand contract law as contracts can also be made electronically via email or over the internet.

Proper management and administration of a contract is crucial in order to reduce your risk exposure to legal claims. Laures Solutions recognizes that the skillful management of a contract determines the outcome of any defects, delay, failure and claims.

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