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Photon mass bound destroyed by vortices - Adelberger, Eric et al. Limits on the mass of the gluon - Yndurain, F. B arXiv A Dirac sea pilot-wave model for quantum field theory - Colin, S. Nielsen and M. Dirac sea for bosons. Dirac sea and hole theory for bosons: A New formulation of quantum field theories - Habara, Yoshinobu et al. C6 Stochastic electrodynamics with particle structure part i: Zero-point induced brownian behavior.

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Bohmian Mechanics - The Physics and Mathematics of Quantum Theory | Detlef Dürr | Springer

Radiative corrections for the matterzeropoint field system: establishing contact with quantum electrodynamics. Emergence of quantization: the spin of the electron - Cetto, A. The Road to Reality, chapter Alfred A. Inflationary cosmology as a probe of primordial quantum mechanics. Hanggi and P. Exponential complexity and ontological theories of quantum mechanics State space dimensionality in short memory hidden variable theories.

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Some light quantum mechanics (with minutephysics)

Bartolomeo and A. Entropic dynamics: The schroedinger equation and its bohmian limit. Wolfgang Pauli. The de broglie pilot wave theory and the further development of new insights arising out of it.

Bohmian mechanics : the physics and mathematics of quantum theory

Les Theories Relativistes de la Gravitation. On the quantization of fields. D24 Chicago University Press, Chicago. Spacetime in semiclassical gravity - Induced quantum metric fluctuations and the validity of semiclassical gravity - Hu, B. Living Rev. Quantum Gravity, third edition. Oxford University Press, Oxford. Gravitational decoherence, alternative quantum theories and semiclassical gravity. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume , conference 1. Quantum electrodynamics - Kinoshita, T. Singapore, Singapore: World Scientific p.

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A Towards quantum superpositions of a mirror - Marshall, W. Evolution of the Schrodinger-Newton system for a selfgravitating scalar field - Guzman, F. Siddhartha et al. Investigation of the time dependent Schroedinger-Newton equation. PhD thesis, University of California - Davis.

Notes on certain newton gravity mechanisms of wavefuncwave localization and decoherence. A: Math. Is Quantum Gravity Necessary? Schroedinger-newton equation as a possible generator of quantum state reduction.

Nonquantum Gravity - Boughn, Stephen Found. Schrodinger-Newton 'collapse' of the wave function - van Meter, J. Statistical consistency of quantum-classical hybrids. A 85 , Macroscopic Quantum Mechanics in a classical spacetime - Yang, Huan et al. Can quantum systems succumb to their own gravitational attraction? Centre-of-mass motion in multi-particle Schroedinger-Newton dynamics - Giulini, Domenico et al. The Schroedinger-Newton equation and its foundations - Bahrami, Mohammad et al.

Is Gravity Quantum? Stochastic modification of the Schrodinger-Newton equation - Bera, Sayantani et al. D92 no. Derakhshani, C. Anastopoulos, and B. Probing a gravitational cat state: Experimental possibilities. Pino, J. Prat-Camps, K. Sinha, B. Venkatesh, and O.

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Quantum interference of a microsphere. Nonlinear schroedinger equation in foundations: summary of 4 catches. The newtonian limit of stochastic gravity differs from the many-body stochastic schroedinger-newton equations.

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