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By Silva, I miss that place! I thought. Sila caught my thought. Love and food go together, silly wolf. My son had a limitless appetite for both. You can say that again, Blue chimed in. Not to mention his appetite for sex. My first litter—eight pups!

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My son brought those babies lot of food. Blue sighed. Regurgitated kibble. Yes, wonderful. He was a good daddy wolf, if a touch on the ornery side.

Oh, dear. Everyone seemed a little embarrassed, as I am the only wolfdog in the pack who is missing an essential part of the usual puppy-making apparatus. I was about to reassure everyone that, really, life without the patter of little paws can be quite fulfilling, when Amaruq, the senior among us, broke the silence. Our Yukon cabin was all kitchen—all one room. There was always something good simmering away on the woodstove, most of the year.

Pack Leader preferred the woodstove to the propane because one morning when we came back from Dawson City, we opened the door, just about the time the sun broke the horizon, and the whole place exploded. Lucky, Pack Leader had a whatchamacallit…a….

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I've also expanded my historical novels to include medieval England and Scotland. Enjoy this Book? Share it Media Mentions Midwest Book review. Praise and Reviews Black Wolf: Loco Lobo Paperback is the second book in this series by Magnolia Belle that I've read and is the fourth in her series about these fascinating brothers.