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Volume 19 deals with the third part of It covers events on all the German fronts including the Hitler Youth armed and on parade Never an extermination camp like Auschwitz, Buchenwald was a labor camp, but it made every aspect of life within its fences a torture where mistreatment by the guards was compulsory In a region once known for its churches and philosophers, picture-postcard Dachau housed the first Nazi Concentration Camp Regarded inside Germany as the bible of National Socialism, it was an accurate blueprint of what he aspired to accomplish These programs show how the Nazis abused their power to such hideous lengths This program depicts the course of the U-boat war in its initial phase in vivid images captured primarily by German cameramen with much being presented to the viewer for the first time This program covers the operations of the Bf in its role on all fronts to and the early missions by the FW over France and the English Channel The decline of the Luftwaffe bombing arm is covered in the operations of the varied aircraft types employed, down to Germany's surrender in May, In this wide-ranging presentation the Stuka is seen in action on all fronts, as well as the Hss and Fw in action in Russia Covered in this program are glider operations in Italy and missions to re-supply garrisons on the Oder front in Also shown are recon, trainer and liaison aircraft, which were vital on all fronts It is one of the enduring myths of WW2, that the German 'Blitzkrieg' victories of the early years were achieved by their employment of a numerically and technologically superior tank force This program covers not only evolution of the Panther design but through the usage of combat footage illustrates the Panther in action on all fronts on which the German Army fought from until Seemingly present whenever German combat cameramen were filming, armored cars and half-tracks were as vital to the war as the Panzers One of the most common images of German Armor in the combat footage taken by Goebbel's propaganda camera men in the second half of the war in Europe, was the Assault Gun This "War Archive" set of exclusive programs brings the most comprehensive collection of Germany's U-Boat warfare strategies probably ever compiled as a definitive series One of the main reasons for the eventual German defeat was the Soviet T medium tank, which was generally thought of as the best all-round tank of WWII Speed into action with many of the best-known modern ground attack machines as they streak over enemy lines to deliver their deadly payload of rockets, guided weapons and bombs In the air, the mighty Soviet force always held numerical superiority.

This was reinforced with new combat aircraft, which matched their Western counterparts All-action footage puts you on board the top types which are Western naval air power today Experience this unique footage supplied by weapon manufacturer's and army cameramen which puts you in the turret of all major Western battle tanks Getting information about the enemy is vital in war, and today s aerial spies have science fiction capabilities unheard of even a few years ago No aircraft before or since has packed such striking power into such a compact package Discover all the aspects of air combat today, from missions with the USAF's mighty F Eagle to strategic bombing runs with the swept-wing F Aardvark Put your finger on the firing button of an extraordinary range of weaponry as they carry out their deadly missions with pinpoint accuracy The range of weaponry the four US services deploys is the most devastating in military history This amazing 4 disc box set displays some of the greatest combat aircraft that have changed the face of modern warfare Shot during the last months of the war, re-live the heady drive of the U.

August 6 , 8. This is the second in a unique trilogy that presents events leading up to WWII, as well as the war itself, from footage that would have been fed to the German nation With interviews and new archive accounts of what happened, we revisit the history of the Pearl Harbor attack Volume 2 deals with the period to , covering the re-armament of Germany and more Volume 5 deals with the first part , covering amongst other topics the shelling of Dover from the French coast Volume 7 deals with the third part of , covering events on all the German fronts of the war Volume 10 deals with the second part of , showing Hitler at the Day of Commemoration in Berlin and more Volume 12 deals with the fourth part of Pacific Victory.

Tarawa to Okinawa Hitler's Panzers.

Panzers in the East (2) Armor at War Series no book by Concord Publications

Pacific Victory: Tarawa to Okinawa Nachtjager: Luftwaffe Night Fighter Units Panzertruppen 2 : Germany's Tank Force Transporter Vol 2 Tansport Units Tanks: Czechoslovak Independent Armoured Brigade Liberal and Fascist Italy: German Panzers - Panzers of the Ardennes. Second printing. Fedorowicz Publishing, Inc..

Fine condition.

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Yellow and blue glazed pictorial boards. Black boards, gilt title to spine. Slight page browning. Charts the development of the Soviet tank arm from the prewar years, through early combat operations in the Far East and Finland and ending with the Red Army's successful assault on Berlin in April Pictorial glazed boards. German military vehicles of World War II. Pictorial cardwraps.

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ISBN: X. Slightly better than very good condition. Card wraps. Text in Czech and English. Spine is a little faded.

A few marks to covers. Page edge browning. Nearly fine condition. Armor At War Series.

Series: Concord Armor at War Series

Some light page edge browning. No author listed.

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