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Although the role of ordered water in the dynamics of consciousness remains a qualitative model at this point in time, a growing body of literature from both experimental and theoretical areas are converging to suggest an important role of water in the quantum physics and molecular biology consciousness. Gravitationally mediated intentionality phase regulates QBD. In the spin exchange compactification model of gravity SEQG , gravitons are confined photons of the unified nonlocal noetic field that curves spacetime through the stress energy tensor and the moment of rotation described by Einstein's field equation for GR.

This has implications for the quantization of mind in that the phase regulation of intentionality is mediated by a nonlocal gravitational Boson of consciousness called the noeon. Einstein's General Theory of Relativity is incomplete because it fails to describe gravity at the quantum level. NFT integrates a deeper ontological QT that includes the quantization of spacetime and nonlocal quantum gravitational elements that couple consciousness to QBD by extending Bohm's pilot wave model into a nonlocal unitary domain.

Twistor and superstring theories have been considered the most promising candidates for the nonlocal integration of QT and GR; but both lack a 'Rosetta stone' for delineating the unique topological package of higher dimensional hyperstructure required to complete the task. Both eastern and western theologies claim that gravitation is caused by the movement of spirit - spirit, ki, chi, or prana which are not immaterial but Bose or photon based.

The spin exchange model of quantum gravity 1 incorporating the expanded Wheeler- Feynman absorber theory of radiation 2,3 putatively describes gravitons as superposed moments of confined nonlocal photons mediated by unitary field dynamics. The cosmological constant is the coupling constant between both domains; the zero averaged fluctuation of the gravitational potential localizes and delocalizes the flow of conscious energy.

The lower limit for the quantization of mind is a Planck scale hypercavity where the gravitational potential may remain balanced when at rest.


Gravitational mass dependency is not required by conscious entities for state evolution as in the Hameroff-Penrose Orch-Or model because spacetime curvature provides boundary conditions gating the energy flow of Bose psychons. No gravitational work is required, mental activity is frictionless at this level, but not at the higher organic species level.

Radiation or light pressure is sufficient to modulate the boundary conditions. All levels of scale are proportional to the elemental Planck unit through the law of energy quantization. Degenerate energy from infinite density singularities not being applicable to consciousness. Thus one may whimsically query 'How many Einstein's moles of photons does it take to turn on a light bulb?

The bulb being a 'byte' of Planck bits pertinent to the conscious scale of the entity. Thought being dynamic moments of local quantization and summation of conscious energy. This is the cosmological root of consciousness. Nothing is said about the branches in quantum brain dynamics and nonlinear neurodynamics essential to higher brain function and the phenomenological inputs of awareness. An experimental protocol has been developed to empirically isolate and extracellularly confine the Bose psychon 4,5. The Newtonian world view became an 'absolute truth' [33] in the domain it describes when superseded by the standard cosmological model which describes the observable universe in terms of quantum theory QT imbedded in the classical geometry of Einstein's theory of general relativity GR.

Once again science arrives at a propitious moment that will soon obviate GR and QT necessitating a profound transformation of the standard models. To provide an empirically testable model for the phase regulation of holoscape patterns, a radical framework of noetic psychotropism called the noetic effect is described: 1. Equation 5.

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This is accomplished by applying the author's work on Noetic Field Theory an extension of Bohm's ontological quantum theory into a teleology that includes a nonlocal conscious process [11,12], to recent developments in the emerging science of Consciousness. This represents a first practical application of Holonomic Brain Theory.

The noetic psychotropism is based on a complementarity of mind and body [5]. The Eccles psychon is bosonized into a unified field theory to recast mind as a material entity [4], not immaterial as originally described in Cartesian dualism. Pauli and Jung [20] tried to formulate a quantum mechanical model for Jung's concepts of the collective unconscious and the synchronicity factor; but physical theory was not advanced enough at that time to accomplish the task.

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Now we suspect that memory operates with vacuum zero point fluctuations [21,22] by a type of neural holography [6]. There are two types of memory involved: 1. These forms can be compared to a dynamic backbone synchronization [17] in a quantum computer acting as a waveguide for the translation of the noetic field. Archetypal forms although they can be objects of subjective attention are generally occluded deeply in the Jamesian fringe because they provide more the bottle of rather than the experiential content of awareness. According to Noetic Field Theory - the Quantization of Mind, the Psychosphere is defined as the hyperstructure signifying the domain of individual intelligence; a self organizing interaction of the local matter field confined to the Heisenberg matrix of the brain holoscape and a complementary nonlocal noetic field that includes cosmological factors of consciousness.

This is the dynamic raster of consciousness within which all conscious processes evolve; not in the manner often described by wave function collapse, but based on the density matrix of the matter wave [7,8,12]. In this context action of the Noetic Effect can induce a trophic phase. In physical terms this syzygy would have active mediated moments of force.

This is a point of entry of consciousness into quantum systems. This includes both conscious and subconscious nodes of entry.

Driven by the Hamiltonian of the Conscious Potential, the resultant action of the Noetic Effect couples operators of the Noetic Field to specific loci of pumped Frohlich- like coherent states. This is a phase regulator into the patterns of Pribram's holonomic formations [6]. The pumping mechanism for this process is inherent in the self organization of the system. The radiation pressure of the Psychon Bose state, Fermi-quasiparticle transitions, vacuum zero point fluctuations, and string dynamics etc Full gravitational circle- cosmological to quantum are sufficient to drive this dynamic.

This is the normal operation of energy flow by the nonlocal conscious ontology causally coupled to Bohm's quantum potential. Thus the current thinking on the involvement of wave collapse is a mathematical invention not a description of the actual logical cosmology of noetic consciousness [12,23].

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The influence on development by significant others seems obvious; children are imprinted with many personality characteristics of their extended families. The concept of noetic psychotropism applies physical theory somewhat ahead of its time. Experimental protocols being developed will rigorously quantify this model; but early application of noetic field theory to holonomic brain theory seems warranted.

The noetic action of archetypes allows adjustment by self actualization or psychotherapy. Because operation of the noetic effect is deeper than current understanding at the psychosomatic level; noetic psychotropism will lead additionally to therapeutic methods for personality disorders and medical problems like colitis and Alzheimer's disease [24].

Noetic Field Theory NFT 3 allows the measurement problem to be surmounted ontologically through the noninteractive synchronicity of the unified field.


The brain is considered a naturally occurring quantum computer. The extracellular containment of natural intelligence 4 in a stack of heterosoric photon band gap materials is achieved by applying parameters of quantum brain dynamics QBD 5,6 utilizing a system of tuneable laser phase control interferometry of Rydberg cavity quantum electrodynamic states to evanesce nonlocal conscious processes into the core of a cerebroscopic transducer. The cerebroscopic transducer is the core device for a number sensory bypass technologies being developed by Cerebroscopic Systems, such as visuoauditory prosthesis, and 'brain TV' or telecerebroscopy that will have utility in psychotherapy and provide possible enhancement of mental retardation.

He thought that mind was immaterial; it has only seemed this way over the centuries because of the poor definition of matter and because the material aspects of the noumenon of consciousness have been confined like quarks, hidden behind the nonlocal Planck barrier.

An Introduction to Geometric Quantization and Witten's Quantum Invariant - INSPIRE-HEP

If this were not so minds would not be safe from external influences and mental problems would be the norm rather than the exception. Strong willed individuals would be easily able to harm weaker psyches. The noetic field of consciousness is mediated by Bosons, In the local brain these have been called corticons Goldstone Bosons, noeons and psychons.

The nonlocal Boson introduced by noetic field theory is called the noeon. This has been heretofore missed by the incompleteness of the standard model which is limited by the uncertainty principle. Through a delineation of synchronicity by noetic field theory the noeon may be experimentally accessed through phase control laser interferometry [10].

In the past photons have been generally considered as arising from the electrodynamics of atomic structure. This is not the only topology able to release Bosons. Quantum cavity electrodynamics of the Planck scale vacuum backcloth also is mediated by photons - confined as gravitons in the case of matter [26,27 ], and noeons mediating nonlocal elemental intelligence with brain activity [4,11].

Compactification was not fixed in an original hot dense big bang cosmology, but is a dynamic process independent of an original cosmological temporal singularity as suggested by GR. During compactification dynamics the rotational symmetry and spin exchange of confined gravitons photons produces spacetime curvature and noeons photons of consciousness translate energy as simple harmonic oscillators, local time to nonlocal atemporality through the three base states of consciousness 4, Time and Minkowski space are a product of our conscious reality. Local annihilation and recreation of all particles reveals the nonlocal propagation of the unified field as the quantum of action governs the flow of energy in all particle interactions and mediates time in the face of atemporality; this is the reason for the compactified dimensions.

The extra degrees of freedom are needed to keep our perception of the external world smooth.